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Dew Whip Pineapple
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Mama D's Mac N cheese
The Piggy Wrap
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The Piggy Pile-Up
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Greater Cincinnati/Dayton Area


Take home a bottle of Smokin Dews' Home-made Sauce, Only $10.00!!

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Hey! We are Darbi & Ghiovanna Dennis:)We are so excited to meet you! both raised in Cincinnati with deep roots we love our Queen City! We have 4 awesome kids and we started “Smokin’ Dew’s” To fit into our schedule and allow us to do what we love! Feed people and share the love with every person we meet! Between us (Darbi & Ghiovanna) there is a lifetime of food management, customer service, certifications and many trials and errors every entrepreneur has endured to get to here! This business has been on our hearts since the beginning of our journey and we are so proud to serve you! Most know us for our crazy ideas and chaotic schedule and this is how we thrive! Our family of 6 travel, invent, love, create and work together. This isn’t just a food truck its our dream come true and we invite you to be a part of it!


Who We Are
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Interested in Catering?

Smokin’ Dew’s is available for your event!

Bring the party to you because our food isnt only the best, we bring an experience your friends and family wont forget! like meeting family you never knew you had! A kid friendly menu is available and other items available for events!

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